Announcing the Equinox project photo blog

Talking of projects, instead of posting the photos I took for the "Shoot all day" on equinox project on the Shards of Photography blog or on my photo portfolio blog, I decided to post them on a different blog.

So, I proudly present you the Equinox Project photo blog.

I'll (slowly) be posting my photos there. I'll also use that blog to post information on any future spin-offs of the "Shoot all day" on equinox project, like a book, exhibitions, etc. If any, of course. :) Also, if you are a participant in the project and you want to have your photos posted on the Equinox Project photo blog, leave a comment, drop me PM on the rangefinderfourm or send me an email. I'll then post your photos and place a link in the sidebar so people can jump to your photos straight away. Of course you will retain any copyright.

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