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Posting the photos in your gallery, Flickr, blog or other place is ALWAYS a good idea!

I've been talking here and there about a possible exhibition but I can't find a place nor a person interested enough to go along with it. A book might be a better approach, though then someone will have to investigate online printers (Lulu.com has quality issues, as we know from the last RFF book), someone will have to invest time in creating the book, and someone will have to organise things in general. I'm strapped for time as it is, so I can lend a hand but can't do it all just by myself. For now I'm giving up on the exhibition and the book, but things can change in the future.

However, there is the Equinox Project blog (this blog).

So, for all participants:

Send your selected photos (longest side max 900px) to Shards of Photography at GMail dot com.

Please use the subject line "Equinox Project: [your RFF name]" so I can keep things a bit organised. :)

If you want, and I would really appreciate it, you can also write a short piece on your experiences, techniques, etc on that day. No limit on the length but if you plan to write a small novella, let me know beforehand. :)

Add titles to your photos if you want, as well as camera/ film/ etc info. These aren't necessary; you can leave them out.

So, let the deluge commence!

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connie said...

You guys may want to consider Viovio.com for printing. You can upload .jpg or .pdf files.